- Só aceito icons editados no photoshop.

 - Header: 1500x500 Icon 250x250.

 - Não use topaz, somente actions.

 - Poste no mínimo três vezes por semana, a não ser que tenha motivos para não postar (semana de provas, problemas pessoais), nesse caso, me avise.

Para se juntar a mim, é preciso preencher a ficha abaixo e me mandar, juntamente com os icons e as headers, por submit.

  • Nome?
  • Twitter?
  • Whatsapp? (OPCIONAL)
  • Modera algum outro tumblr de icons? Se sim, mande o link.
  • Porque devo confiar em você parar moderar este tumblr?
  • Faça icon dessas fotos:     
  • Faça header dessas fotos:    
  • Faça mais duas random headers

Os que eu gostar serão chamados por dm ou por whats, muito obrigada e boa sorte. ✰ 



- I only accept icons made in photoshop.

- Headers: 1500x500; Icons: 250x250

- Don’t use Topaz, only actions.

- Post, at least, 3 times a week, unless you have reasons for don’t do it (if you’re doing exams, or having personal problems), but in this case, contact me.

To join me, you need to answer these questions and submit me, with the icons and headers.

  • Name?
  • Twitter?
  • Whatsapp? (OPTIONAL)
  • Are you a member of another tumblr of icons? Send me the link.
  • Why should I trust you to join the team?
  • Make icons of these pics:    
  • Make headers of these pics:    
  • Make 2 random headers:

The ones that I like i’ll contact. Thank you, and good luck. 

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At White House Special Olympics Dinner.

It’s no big deal, it’s no big deal, it’s no big deal
This is no big deal!

"When you have loss in your life, you can go down a spiral and turn to alcohol or substances. I’ve never been down that road too hard. I went the opposite way. I went into a self-reflective, meditative, learning-of-lessons period. In astrology, it’s called the return of Saturn. It happens when you’re young, a quarter-life crisis. Either you welcome those lessons or you reject them and they come back as your midlife crisis.”

In another life, I would make you stay so I don’t have to say you were the one that got away.

This Is How We Do + colors